Torn Allegiances

I have a tendency (like a lot of kids my age) to attach myself to a brand or two. Logos instill some kind of emotions in people. Some love. Some hate.

And it’s just kind of sad, because every one (inevitably) will one day fail the people who swore allegiance to them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been (somehow) surprised with a company failing in some way.

Apple’s designs are (especially lately) prone to some amount of subjective (and sometimes objective) design flaws. This drives me nuts.This drives me nuts.

Some part of me wonders: is there anything/anyone that will not fail me?

And the truth is, except for those of us that call ourselves followers of Christ, an unfortunate, emphatic: “No.”

But that’s okay. And I think we have to remember that there’s a lot of dumb things worth tying our identity to, but with my kids attaching such allegiances and trust to me – I am hoping they will be giving me patience and grace. Cuz’ I will inevitably mess up.

Motive colors that a lot. I wonder, despite my hatred for EA with this latest debacle — will I ever give them such grace?

M’eh. Probably not.

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