About Me

I was born in Henderson on a sunny Friday in April.  On that sixteenth day of the month, I was brought into a world where my parents told me I could achieve anything so long as I tried my hardest and if God’s will was involved. And that’s my theory: 90% effort, 90% God.  Sure they don’t add up, but that’s how God works: always flipping your reality upside down.

After graduating from Chaparral High School in 2003, I decided a degree in Journalism would allow me a place in the radio or television industry.  But God’s 90 percent has a lot to do with where I am now - full-time ministry in the Midwest.  I am happily married to a gorgeous woman who makes me a better man and supports me in my passion and my two kids keep me on my toes.

I like to sing, play the piano, and even play video games for fun.

You can contact me anytime.

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